Our Information Security Policy

The aim of the policy is to protect the company’s information assets from internal and external, intentional or unintentional threats.

The General Coordinator of Coşkunöz Holding has approved this policy.

The Data Safety Policy assures all the following requirements:

  • Identifying the processes and information assets and methodologically conducting risk assessments in relation to them

  • Protecting information from unauthorized access

  • Ensuring the confidentiality of information

  • Maintaining the integrity of information

  • Being able to access information whenever it is required by the business processes

  • Fulfilling legal and contractual obligations

  • Developing and improving business continuity plans

  • Providing Information Security training courses to all employees

  • Ensuring that all actual or suspected Information Security violations are reported to and reviewed by the Information Security Management Board

Procedures and related instructions are defined to support this policy.

Information Security is provided by considering business requirements.

The Information Security Management Board ensures that this policy and all its related documents and the Information Security Management System are developed, documented and continuously improved.

All management staff are responsible for ensuring that the units that they manage comply with this policy and the related procedures.

Compliance with the Information Security Policy is mandatory for all employees.

Our Quality Policy

  • Ensuring customer satisfaction by delivering high value-added products, that meet customer requests and regulatory requirements, on time and with zero error,
  • Providing competitive advantage by determining, monitoring, analyzing and continuously improving the processes through lean production principles,
  • Respecting human health and environment
  • nsuring the happiness and development of the employees.
  • CITS Information Security Policy is Based on ISO 27001.
  • It has the ISO 27001 certification.

Our Environment, Energy and Occupational Health and Safety Policy

It is the joint responsibility of all employees, starting with the company’s top manager, to control the risks of occupational accidents and their negative impacts on the environment that may result from the activities of CITS Bilişim Hizmetleri A.Ş.

we undertake to;

  • Implement the Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety management systems in all our activities and processes, continuously improving our performance,
  • Comply with the legal regulations and other applicable terms of Environment and Occupational Health and Safety,
  • Protect our employees, and provide a healthy and safe work environment to prevent work accidents and occupational diseases,
  • Make employees adopt a risk-oriented thinking model, eliminate the hazards in relation to Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety issues, mitigate risks, see opportunities,
  • Use natural resources efficiently to protect the environment and prevent pollution,
  • Control and reduce the amount of waste arising from our activities,
  • Carry out training and awareness-raising activities for our employees, and ensure their consultation to and engagement with other employees/employee representatives to foster an Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental culture,
  • Provide the necessary information and resources to achieve the intended goals.
  • Cits Bilişim Hizmetleri A.Ş. We are committed as a family.

Our Lean Policy

Across all Coşkunöz Holding companies, our primary responsibility is to eliminate waste in our value chain and to align all activities with the goal of creating outstanding value for the customer. Improving the profitability and competitiveness of our businesses and the satisfaction of our customers can be achieved by continuously reducing waste in our management and production systems within a holistic approach, and directing our resources towards creating more value. With this lean mindset, we have adopted the principle of achieving operational excellence for all our suppliers and all our areas of operation, as well as contributing to increased social welfare.

Respect for people is one of our top priorities at Coşkunöz Holding Companies as part of achieving our Lean policy and goals. This value includes our employees, customers, suppliers and the society at large. We build all our communication on understanding each other and creating mutual trust.

We work towards continuously improving ourselves, our work and our processes with the principle of “If I do a job, I must be the best”.

We act with the principle of “lifelong learning”, and we carry out activities in relation to the development of all our employees to improve their skills in line with their personal performances. We support teamwork and the participatory management approach.

When shaping our dreams with a long-term vision, we have adopted the principle of moving towards our goal together by spreading our strategy and goals to all levels of our organization. When determining our business plans and actions, we work to accurately determine the problems on the spot, to be able to make accurate and fast decisions in agreement.

The strong leadership of our managers and their dedication to change are our biggest supporters for the lean production and management system to be implemented in all Coşkunöz Holding companies and for it to become one of our core competencies, a part of our culture.

Cookie Policy

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Policy on the Personal Data Protection Management System

Our organization collects and processes personal data in accordance with the laws of the Member States of the European Union and Turkey, within the framework of the protection of the fundamental rights and freedoms of the individuals, in particular the right of privacy.